Speaking Topics

Barnsville Sports Squad and Healthy choices- Childhood obesity is a major problem and concern in our country today.  The Barnsville Sports Squad series promotes an active, healthy lifestyle.  Erin speaks to groups of children about making good, healthy choices.  Using her stories and characters as examples, she talks about the importance of exercise and nutrition.  Erin also speaks to parents and teachers about helping children make good choices and developing good habits that will stay with them for a life time.

Gracie Goat's Big Bike Rac
e-  It's more than just an entertaining children's book!  Erin inspires groups of children and school groups as she relates Gracie Goat's Big Bike Race to her own experiences as an Olympic cyclist.  Erin relates Gracie's fear of failing to learn to ride her bike to overcoming her own fear of failure  in her cycling career.  She talks about setting goals, what failure is, healthy ways to think about failure and how failure can be turned into an opportunity. 

Gracie Goat's Big Bike Race for Adults
- Think Gracie Goat is just for kids? Think again.  Fear of failure keeps people of all ages from reaching their full potential.  Erin talks about overcoming her own fear of failure in her cycling career, and how fear holds people back from living life to its fullest.  She talks about goal setting, realistic expectations, how society perceives failure, healthy ways to think about failure and how it can be turned into an opportunity.

What It Takes- Erin speaks passionately about her roller coaster ride to the 2004 Olympic Games, her pride in placing 4th in the points race, and her joy of being awarded the bronze medal when another rider tested positive for a banned substance.  She also talks about the range of emotions she felt when 14 months after receiving the bronze medal, the International Olympic Committee reversed their decision and re-awarded the bronze medal to the original third place finisher. She addresses overcoming adversity and change, maintaining focus and discipline to obtain her goal, and the power of a strong support system and teamwork.  Clients can request that any of these topics be the focus of her talk.  Erin is sure to motivate everyone to strive for his or her best.

The Olympic Experience
- Erin recounts her colorful experiences from the Sydney and Athens Olympic Games.  She includes stories from the Olympic Village, Opening Ceremonies, and her roller coaster ride to the 2004 Olympic Games.

Testimony of Faith, Gifts from God
- Erin, a born again Christian, testifies how her faith in God and trust in Jesus Christ helped her through the trials leading to and surounding the 2004 Olympic Games and Olympic Bronze medal.

Story Hour- Erin has written several children's stories for early elementary school.  In this special session Erin reads Gracie Goat's Big Bike Race to the children, and enjoys a question and answer session about her Olympic experiences, cycling, and her equipment.

*To book Erin to speak at your event or to receive a price sheet please email: erin_mirabella@yahoo.com.
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Speaking Engagements

Erin's engaging personality and exceptional speaking skills are a nice touch to any corporate meeting, fundraising event, or employee reception.  She has served as a guest speaker for a number of corporations and civic organizations including The Home Depot, The Young Entrepreneurs Association and the Racine, Wisconsin Public Library.  Erin's message is motivational and focuses on her Olympic Experiences, teamwork and perseverance. 

*To book Erin for your event or receive a price sheet please email Erin.

Cycling Clinics

Erin, a 4th place finisher at the 2004 Olympic Games, will provide a cycling lesson (either track, if available, or road.) to a group of individuals from your company or organization.  Reward your top employees, Board of Directors, or top clients with an opportunity to participate in a cycling clinic with one of the best female cyclists in the world.  Clinics offer skills, training tips and stories of Erin's racing, training, and travel.  Erin will build the clinic to meet the needs of your group.

* To book Erin for your event or receive a price sheet please email Erin.

" Her story is compelling and is one of encouragement about what it takes to persevere and succeed both in athletics and in life."
                                          Rob Williams
                                                      Pactiv- Sr. Marketing Manager
" Erin speaks with great passion about her Olympic experiences.....The Home Depot plans to use Erin at several events in the future."
                                           Patrick Ku
                                                       The Home Depot- Manager-Sposorships